Friday, May 20, 2011

Google adsense | 1001 ways to select the Keywords for your next post

1001 ways to select the Keywords for your next post

There can be 1001 ways to select the best keywords for your blog post. However, we are going to discuss about one method that I use:Seach based Keyword Tool. Always I believe that Google is the best place to find genuine SEO and AdSense hacks, because they are the one who build it and providing the service.

What is AdWords? How it related to AdSense? Actually, AdWord is the tool that all the advertisers place their advertisement and setup the bids. It will provide the advertisements to your website or blog through AdSense. If we can figure out the bids advertisers place for each keywords in AdWords we can have a better idea about the amount AdSense will pay you per click. Simply include the high paying keywords in your page title, headers and post text.

Visit the Google Search based keyword tool and take couple of seconds to look around and see what is there. It says if you need an Adword account, you can get customised key word ideas for your web site. You do not need that. What we are doing here is to get AdSense keyword ideas.
Click on the “Or see top keyword across all categories” or Find keyword button to go to the complete list of keywords.

Over there you can either search for a specific keyword or browse by category. Normally I like to browse the category as I might come across new keyword ideas that I can converts to posts.
Click on the most appropriate category for your blog or website. In my case, I will click on “Computers” and it will show me a list of keywords with the monthly searches, competition and Sugg. Bid. As we forcus on AdSense earnings, we only interested in Sugg. Bid.

Now you have to play with this tool to find out the high paying keyword for your blog.
First, click on the Sugg. Bid title to arrange your keywords from high paying keywords to less.
Do not be too excited about the Sugg. Bids you might come cross because there are more facts that you should consider. 

Most of the high paying keywords you come across in this too will not have many advertisements. If that is that case, there is not point of adding that keyword to your next post, as there will not be any ad related to the keyword will not display. So go through your list to find out the high paying keyword that has many more ads. You can do a simple test by searching the keyword in Google to see how many ads display on there.

Include that to your cart, use it in the next post, and measure the AdSense revenue.

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